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Barrel Roof

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A barrel roof is a curved roof that, especially from below, is curved like a cut-away barrel. Due to their uniform cross-section, they are suitable for use on rectangular buildings, unlike Dome roofs.

Barrel vaults are a particular form of barrel roof substructure. Another modern form of barrel roof that seems to be quite popular these days are the radius curved shed roof. These configurations are popular on high end custom and rustic design homes, and commercial building facades. They provide a dramatic interior effect.

We have addressed different barrel roofs in the past, from churches to commercial buildings to high end homes, which we've done in steel, shingles and modified bitumen.

Radius roofs, or curved roofing with standing seam steel, with the panels rolled off and then bent laterally by the factory to the exact radius and specification of the building's radius roof, takes the combined effort of the design consultant, the roofing crew, and the manufacturer to ensure the tight, attractive, custom fit of the steel panels on the uniquely designed roof surface.

The radius curved standing seam steel roofing design is becoming increasingly common in residential new construction in Colorado, as local architects try to compete on design; it is a great way to gain exciting interior design benefits and exterior wow factor over what would otherwise appear to be a common shed roof design, whether as a accent or as an entire roof surface.

We can take on any commercial or residential curved roof radius design, having experience and suppliers readily at hand. Send over your blueprints or have us do a detailed field scope and bid so we can quickly determine a money saving schedule for you.