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Read what some of our customers have said about us and why we're the best commercial roofer in Denver, Colorado...

Kampmann Roofing - very experienced with a wide variety of types of roofs. Brad does residential and commercial buildings. He and his crew tore off our tar and gravel roof and put on new insulation and an EPDM rubber roof and all the fascia, etc. I was very impressed with how well he and his team responded to quirks in our roof, and how well they cleaned up the property both on a daily basis and at the end of the project. He's also coordinating with the folks who are installing solar panels on our roof.

Thiel, F

My roof is about 15 years old and should be replaced. Years ago I had a shingle blown off the roof and a friend replaced it. In mid December 2021 high winds blew several shingles off the top west corner of my roof. On December 21 I called several roofing companies and the only one that answered was Craig Wall, the owner, said he would come and fix my roof the next day. I prepared to do it myself in case he didn't come. I got several shingles and tools and tried to put a ladder and ropes up to secure myself on the roof so I wouldn't fall down. I tried hard but I couldn't do it. Fortunately, Craig arrived and was able to repair the roof within an hour! He did a wonderful job and only charged me $200! About 4 to 5 years earlier I had a small repair I needed on my roof and another roofer I called said it would cost me $250 for him to come and give me a quote! is my choice for installing a new roof! The company does a good job and installs good looking fire-proof roofing and siding materials!

Rosann J.

I am writing to recommend the services of Brad Kampmann and Craig Wall, whose businesses are called Brad Kampmann Inc. and Roofing in Colorado. I have worked with Brad Kampmann Inc. and Roofing in Colorado for over (3) three years in Aurora, Colorado. When I was the accountant for Asbury Townhomes Home Owners Association, I hired Brad Kampmann Inc. for roof repair work and other repair work. After another roofing company replaced the roof at the townhome complex, the roof leaked after a hail storm and one townhome has mold issues as well. Roofing in Colorado fixed the mold damage as well as fixed leaky skylights and replaced the defective shingles on the roof. I have also hired both of them on other occasions for other jobs.

The companies are reasonably priced and always did more than was asked from them. Furthermore, Brad and Craig are very knowledgeable about roofing materials and siding.

I am happy to recommend the services of Brad Kampmann Inc. and Roofing in Colorado.

Paula A.

Roofing in Colorado recently completed my roof in Pinecliffe and I'm pleased with the results. They had to tear down to the original 1912 construction, which meant sheeting the whole roof, a last minute decision to blow in some insulation, and lots of clean up. The added costs were explained and minimized. I really appreciate Craig's diligent project management and follow-up.

Jerry F.

My house suffered a lot of damage from the recent rains... Craig's experience as a licensed adjuster and contractor helped me get badly needed additional funds from the insurance company to complete the repairs, then he returned my property to better than new.

Erin B.

My insurance company gave me six weeks to replace my worn-out roof and do extensive wildfire mitigation, or lose my homeowners policy. After checking with a few local references and looking at one of Craig's recent roofing jobs, I hired him to work with my insurance company to get a new roof. Craig handled every detail from permitting through installation and inspection. He and Brad had the new roof and gutters installed promptly, and after tree removal I was able to keep my homeowners insurance. My new roof and gutters look great, and the hail and fire resistant material will even decrease my insurance premium.

Molly H.

I found Craig and Brad on CraigsList a few months ago. I was looking for bids on a motel with a flat roof and extensive shingled mansard awning. I spoke with several roofers, even running one off the property, and settled on Craig for a couple reasons. Even though this was a insurance claim I told him I would handle it, and he never brought it up again, trying to gouge more money out of my insurance company like some of the other roofers. Also, he took the time to work out a real good alternative price to the first offering by just having me help him reduce his overhead expenses, and by looking at other products. Brad and his crew were quick, clean, and efficient, minimizing the impact on our tenants and keeping the surroundings clean. My job has both single ply EPDM and shingles, and I can tell you Craig's crew handled all the different roofing with speed and skill, leading to impeccable installation. I couldn't be happier.

Brian D.

As my contractor, Craig has done an outstanding job with the hail investigation. He has taken nearly 50 photos of the hail damage to our house (our town was struck by baseball-sized hail). Craig went above and beyond by prompting the insurance company into action. (It had been more than three weeks since the insurance adjuster had been to the house with his review of the damage and no action had been taken on the part of the insurance company.) As of recent, I have received a check from the insurance company for the initial summary of damage written up by the insurance adjuster. In addition to being my contractor, Craig has been my advocate in dealing with the insurance company. He has been working patiently and diligently with the insurance company communicating with them through photos and prepared documents providing ample evidence that there is extensive damage beyond what the insurance adjuster had initially determined. Without a doubt, I am incredibly grateful for Craig's perseverance in prompting the insurance company to act and also for his continual support in communicating with the insurance company working to seek additional funds to repair the damage that had gone unnoticed by the insurance adjuster.

Stacey G.