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Corten/A606 Oxidized Steel Roofing

Naturally Oxiding, Weather-Resistant Roofing for Colorado

Corten/A606 roofs take something you might not expect to be a good thing—oxidation—and use it to create a beautiful, weather-resistant roof. Weathering steel, as it's known, is a great way to add a rustic touch to your building.

And with lots of options, you can find the oxidized steel roof that works best for your application. We work with coil and flat sheets, 7/8" and 1/2" corrugated sheets, 16-inch standing seam, and many more types.

What Is Corten/A606 Steel Roofing?

While "Corten" steel is no longer available under that name, A606 refers to the type of steel we use in these kinds of applications. It comes in many forms, but you're probably most familiar with the corrugated-roll type.

The most important factor of Corten/A606 roofing is that it oxidizes. It rusts. Which might seem like a bad thing—but, in fact, the oxidation seals the steel, keeping water and other environmental contaminants out. You don't need to further seal or even paint it to keep out rain, snow, sleet, hail, or anything else the Colorado weather will throw at you.

These rolls arrive unoxidized, and they'll rust naturally with exposure to the weather. Elements of the steel alloy prevent further rusting, but the steel never stops weathering. Every Corten/A606 roof is unique.

Benefits of Corten/A606 Steel Roofing

  • Highly weather-resistant, as the rust creates a seal that prevents corrosion from water, snow, and other weather-related factors.

  • Unique, rustic look makes your building stand out among those with more traditional roofs.

  • No need to paint or further seal the roof.

  • Can also be used as siding for a consistent look or accent wall.

Who Should Use Corten/A606 Steel Roofing?

Anyone looking for a rustic finish that stands out. Steel roofing provides a rustic look that evokes feelings of an older style of home construction—especially corrugated rolls. But you don't give up the advantages of more modern roofing options.

Owners concerned about corrosion due to environmental effects. If you get a lot of rain, snow, sleet, fog, or other wet weather, the oxidation layer on the roof will keep it protected for many years.

Lots of Steel Options

Corten/A606 steel comes in a wide variety of formats:

  • 7/8" corrugated

  • 1/2" corrugated

  • Standing seam

  • Western Reveal

  • Ribbed panels

  • Waved panels

  • Flush wall panels

  • Perforated steel

  • Flat sheets

  • Coil rolls

You can even get steel roofing that's painted to look like it has rusted if you don't want to deal with rust stains elsewhere on your property (like on sidewalks).

Find Out More About Naturally Oxiding Steel Roofing

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