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Hail Damage Insurance Claim

Hail Damage Insurance Claim in Denver

If you suspect that you may have sustained ANY roof damage, or in the case of leakage due to snow damage, ice damage, ice damming, wind damage or hail damage.

Please call us for a no obligation no cost hail damage inspection or wind damage inspection as soon as possible after the insurance casualty loss (the storm). Many times a homeowner may fail to recognize roofing hail damage or wind damage, or even compensable snow or ice damage to the roof, until a considerable amount of time has passed, sometimes making it harder to submit a claim.

This doesn't mean you can't get the old hail damage repaired by your insurance company; often the damage doesn't become readily apparent or visible until a year or two later, depending on many variable factors. It pays to call an expert.

If you notice a lot of roofing work being done in your area, be sure to call us, even though your insurance company may have said there is no or little roofing, paint, gutter, or skylight damage. We are the wind and hail damage roofing experts you can rely on, with former insurance adjustors on call to answer your questions. Email your insurance adjustment directly to us for a "third party analysis" of your claim.

If there is damage we will hold the insurance company accountable on your behalf. We know what we are talking about - we are roofing insurance claims specialists that can help you get the full amount of compensation for your roof hail damage or wind damage roofing claim. In addition, we can often help price and coordinate storm damage repairs to siding, windows, paint, gutters, downspouts, and miscellaneous other products found on and around the home to get all the damage on the same claim. If your property suffers extensive damage to gutters, downspouts, skylights, awnings, siding, windows, and painting that requires multiple contractors to repair, we can assist the homeowner with coordinating Construction Services that will save the homeowner time and hassle, and the insurance company money.

If we determine there is compensable damage, we will suggest the home or property owner call their insurance company for a damage inspection and insurance adjustment. If there is no or minimal damage we highly recommend NOT calling in a claim on a maybe, like so many other storm contractors do. If there is compensable damage, we will meet the adjustor at no expense to the owner on site to make sure nothing is overlooked, if desired.

Afterwards, we will review in detail the insurance company's analysis, comparing it with our own Xactimate worksheet. Many times an insurance adjuster is motivated to minimize loss on the initial claim for number of reasons; each insurance company has their own repair guidelines established within the regulations.

If you are assisted by a professional roofing and storm restoration company your property will be repaired to better than it was before the claim, at a price agreeable to all parties, with minimal out of pocket expense. Our highly experienced residential and commercial Project Managers and Production Crews will ensure a job well done, in short order with minimal headaches.

Take a look at our Testimonials from some of our many pleased clients (and even a couple that weren't happy at first!), and call or email with any questions you have.