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DECRA Stone-Coated Steel

DECRA Stone-Coated Steel in Denver

Traditional Looks With the Strength and Durability of Steel

Steel roofing has many benefits: it's highly weather-resistant, low-maintenance, fire-safe, resists winds over 100 MPH, and can handle the nasty hail we get in Colorado. By coating that steel with stone, you get all those advantages with the great looks of stone tile or wood shakes.

Normally, these types of stamped steel roofing products need a batten system to provide a raised profile. However, with the introduction of products like DECRA stone-coated steel roofing, residential metal roofing has never looked better or been more durable.

One of the characteristics of stone- or particle-coated steel we appreciate is that snow doesn't slide off the roof all at once. It stays put and melts off slowly, unlike standing seam roofing or Kynar-painted roofing.

A History of Excellence

As the pioneer of stone-coated steel technology, DECRA roofing systems have been proven around the world since 1957. Marketed and installed in over 120 countries, there are over 1 million DECRA installations worldwide. DECRA panels are manufactured to international quality standards and are tested to comply with or exceed relevant building codes and regulations.

For over 100 years, architects, builders, engineers, and designers have specified metal roofing to protect their projects. Metal has a long-standing reputation for performance, longevity, versatility, and beauty.

DECRA's lightweight roofing systems offer a high-performance alternative to other roofing products. They're ideal for new construction or renovation in commercial, institutional, and residential applications where high performance, long life, and low maintenance are desired.

The cutting-edge technology of the acrylic priming system enhances the superior corrosion resistance of the aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel. The interlocking panels provide protection against the elements.

Multiple Options for Different Looks

DECRA offers several options for stone-coated steel roofing applications:

  • DECRA Tile: Evoking the style of the Mediterranean, these tiles come in seven colors for any application.

  • DECRA Villa Tile: Modeled after Old-World Italian tiles, these true barrel tiles come in six traditional colors.

  • DECRA Shake: The look of thick, hand-split cedar shakes in five colors.

  • DECRA Shake XD: A more durable stone-coated steel shake, available in four colors.

  • DECRA Shingle XD: The same look as heavy-cut shingles with the durability of steel, available in five colors.

Specifications and CAD Drawings for New Construction

DECRA offers three-part CSI specifications in Word and PDF format for Tile, Villa Tile, Shake, Shake XD & Shingle XD.

DECRA also offers technical drawings for all products, available for download in PDF, JPG and CAD format, with additional information on tile and shake details with battens on Villa Tile, Shake XD & Shingle XD direct-to-deck.

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