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Roofing in Colorado - About Us

Roofing in Colorado

We are a independent adjusting and general contractor consulting firm based in Denver. My roots go back to rural Oregon, where my work ethic began, as a teenager harvesting crops alongside Mexican migrant farm families, in the verdant Willamette Valley. Never a stranger to hard work, there were somewhat limited opportunities for aspiring young men in the rebellious 1970s, logging a.k.a. "Axeman" being one of those. After a couple of years of this grueling Oregon boy work, it was time to get out of the rain forest.

All Oregon boys go through certain rites of passage... some stay and grow within their chosen industries, some keep looking for the right fit of available livelihoods. Growing up on the waters of the Pacific Ocean out of Newport, Astoria, and Coos Bay, on charter boats and salmon and tuna trollers, it was only natural to move beyond the broad blue horizons of the West Coast ocean and join the US Navy. In those days the recruiting line was "... and see the world," which was indeed the case here. After two extensive Western Pacific naval deployments on a major warship and a honorable discharge, it was back to Oregon and the newly developing trawl , scallop and shrimp fisheries, some real big boy industrial stuff; think "Deadliest Catch." While exciting and most of the time well paying, the life of a commercial fisherman is not conductive to family life, so it was back to business school.

After moving to North Dakota after the collapse of the Pacific Northwest logging and fishing industries and graduating from college, I aligned with and was able to take advantage of high end corporate training and relationships with national home improvement companies such as ABC Seamless Siding and Renewal by Anderson.

After moving to the Wild West home improvement market of Colorado, I quickly decided the independent contractor has the best advantage, which is where we are to this day (except for short stints in other industrial sales). However, while it is easy to make a good living as a "roofer," this industry is not known for its "professional and polished" image, rather, the home improvements and roofing industries have more complaints by far than any other market segments, often due to nefarious elements that get involved in and abuse individuals throughout the industry, giving us all a bad name.

In part because of this, and also as insurance claims have become a big part of the roofing and restoration construction business over the years, I decided again not to stay in my chosen livelihood, but to advance into the "professional" aspect of the disaster business, insurance adjusting for large insurance companies. Being able to extensively license and train, and be available to drop everything and run claims in a catastrophe scenario anywhere in the United States takes a certain type of individual, unconstrained by conventional bounds.

THIS is the type of professional service, ethics and expertise you can expect from us, from the beginning through the culmination of the project, whatever the work may be.

I would not be able to run the unique business that I do without the help and support of my spouse, Ann.

Ann hails from South Texas originally, and maintains a solid connection of old friends in the Rio Grande Valley and South Padre Island. The daughter of a physician, with a degree in Chemistry and possessing a teaching and financial markets background, she is independent (Property Investors, Inc.) but well suited and authorized to speak on behalf of our organization or any of our subcontractors or business interests at any time, also having a background in construction and rehabbing.